Who Are Our Suppliers?

FundUs is the brainchild of Chemical Solutions’ Managing Director Terry Morris and we are thankful for his commitment and support with our model. Our goal is to add more funding-savvy and worthwhile, community focussed and supportive suppliers in the near future who can offer products that meet our chosen criteria:

  • Volume purchased household consumables
  • Value for money
  • Of a high commercially tested and proven quality
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Recycleable or reusable packaging

We are in discussions with a number of new suppliers that can add great value for Fundraising Auckland and NZ wide causes, so watch this space!


As our foundation supplier, Chemical Solutions with Kemsol brands have been manufacturing quality cleaning products for 20 years and we are super proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

At CSL there is a passion with ‘cleaning’ loving the reality that a difference can be made, not only through improved hygiene and cleaning knowledge and standards – helping protect health without harming the environment –  but also directly to funds and charities and other NZ fundraising ideas. Fundraising Auckland and NZ’s communities is the drive and with the FundUs ‘Friends & Family’ online store, we can offer fantastic commercial quality cleaning products at fantastic prices – giving not only great cost-in-use to end users but among some of the safest ways possible.

Green, environmentally responsible cleaning products and manufacturing standards are also matters that held very close to hearts. The range of Kemsol Green products are Environmental Choice NZ licensed and are manufactured using sustainably sourced surfactants. Now also with Naturemade brand (an environmental offer with a unique bulk refill pack size) buyers can chose between good economy to just awesome!


Confoil, as a long standing family owned business, is proud to be part of the FundUs online model and store. Their range of films, foils and wraps works perfectly into a value offer for purchasers that matches other offers on the FundUs site. The offer is the best in market value and if products can help raise funds for worthy causes then this definitely makes the Confoil family very happy.

Welcome to FundUs. We hope that you enjoy using our cleaning products as much as we enjoy making them for you.