Groups that benefit from our fundraising programme

Chemical Solutions are our cornerstone supplier, with well-known and trusted Kemsol brand products and the new exciting super-eco Naturemade range. Chemical Solutions Ltd believe in giving back to their communities most needy by supporting three very worthy causes.

Check our key supported business charities below. We have been supporting Ronald McDonald House for over 15 years but it doesn’t stop there! We have a long term plan to continue to expand our charity partners – from small sports groups and other specialty fundraising charities through to schools fundraising and fundraising NZ wide initiatives.  Community fundraising ideas are always welcome, and we would appreciate your input if special groups or those finding things really tough out there need a Kiwi helping-hand.

It’s really hard for many groups and becoming increasingly difficult with so many groups wanting or needing additional funds, so we do our best to support those groups that are in most need or in our eyes are worth consideration and investment. That investment may not always result in just hard funding with dollars and cents, but also with training, support, promotion, community networking and ideas – sometimes well outside the box.

Giving What We Can is our mandate and the contributions we make helps keep wider commitments for our charity groups. By using FundUs to support a charity, individuals can significantly impact results due to the high percent of contribution from each sale we have structured. We can do this through collective volume buying and good bargaining. We are always adding to the range and would love to hear what might be missing from the line-up.

We help build a community, helping to normalise ideas about effective giving, and pledging to give. We’re small, but growing fast. But we also need support to keep doing what we do – building a community of amazing, generous people, who want to make the world a better place.

Please take a moment to read through our charities and also the selection of funds that you can contribute toward at the check out. We really hope that you’ll join us in helping build funds for worthy causes and through that allow us to better support the listed worthy charities.

Ronald McDonald House

We have been supporting Ronald McDonald House with product since 2004. “That is 100,000 loads of laundry, and still going strong”! This helps to reduce their running costs and ensures that Kiwi children and their families are being cared for with clean and hygienic linen.

“Thank you Kemsol for your continued support throughout the year providing our laundry powder – an integral aspect of the everyday running of our House. Kemsol’s products help us ensure that our linen is always clean and comforting for the 2000 families who make our House their home each year.”  – Wayne Howett CEO Ronald McDonald House Auckland.


Women’s Refuge

At Kemsol we are proud supporters of this very worthy cause. We donate product every month to Auckland Women’s Refuge and run our ‘Clean Start’ Home Hygiene courses for these courageous Mums.

Women's Refuge Auckland


Wash Against Waste

We are proud to support this amazing charity run project. By donating Kemsol Green cleaning products we are helping ‘Wash Against Waste’ to make a positive impact on our local environment.

“One average family can make the equivalent of an entire rugby field of rubbish” says Sarah Jane (project manager) “this can’t happen if we’re trying to be a liveable city by 2040, we need zero waste.”