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At least 25% (pre GST) of any of your purchases goes to your fundraising cause. You SELECT your Fundraising Group at the CART. That’s a HUGE percent contribution and much more than many other NZ Fundraising online funding opportunities are offering.

It’s so easy, all you need to do is shop to donate. Send the message on by re-sending your online fundraising code or link to anyone else that you think could help with your cause. Online fundraising nz has never been easier. Also send your ideas to us about your fundraising project, we are always ready to support and help with any efforts and ideas you might have.


It’s all about the community. Tell us your stories, and how fundus.co.nz has helped your nz fundraising projects.

Our research has shown that your member base is much more likely to get behind your cause, when they know it’s a specific fundraising activity, rather than a general fundraising thing. And they love to see what the results are, that’s why we are working hard on a really easy way to see the results and report back to your team about your sports club funding, special projects funding, and other special needs funding.

Fundraising made easy for NZ is what it’s all about. Too often are fundraising efforts too cumbersome or place our kids and members in a position of discomfort – selling things that they would rather not represent or things that are plainly not good for our health or well being.

Let us know what else you would like to see on the website and we will see what we can do. What currently we have available is just the beginning. The objective with the funding website is to make sure funding goals are realistic, measurable and effective and products are representing value, as well as providing funding for special projects and community group funding ideas. NZ Fundraising can be a drag – but it’s easy with Fundus.