White Angel 5L – Bleach

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WHITE ANGEL is just like a Janola bleach, but a bit more powerful!

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Product Description

High-Strength Bleach & Sanitiser

WHITE ANGEL is just like a Janola bleach, but a bit more powerful; For use in the laundry to brighten and remove stains from whites. Hot Tip #1 (for dads); don’t use anywhere near coloured garments (or drip on the carpet in the living room!). Hot Tip #2; Bleach can help clear out drains-blocked-with hair.

5 Litres

How Much To Use

Always dilute WHITE ANGEL with water and ever use on wool or silk. Not recommended for use on coloured or sensitive garments as streaking, fading or other deterioration could result.
Laundry Soaking: 200mls to 5L of water, soak 30min then wash separately to non-soaked garments
Laundry & Bathroom Spray: 100ml to 1L bottle of fresh water
Outdoors: 500ml to 1L bottle filled with fresh water

Features & Benefits

• Commercial strength
• Effective cleaner and sanitiser
• Controls bacteria, fungi and algae


Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions15 x 7.5 x 30 cm


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