How does online fundraising work?

Online Fundraising In NZ

“Now Everyday Shopping Can Raise Funds For Your Cause”!

Projects and Groups registered with FundUs have the opportunity to raise significant funds with a minimum of time and effort, easy buy in from supporters and confident transparency for all. Projects and Groups registered can be for a one off event or an ongoing source of support revenue, but must meet the minimum guidelines set by the FundUs team. The FundUs model has partnered with selected suppliers, offering a range of high quality household consumable products at great prices.

  • Products can be purchased online with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • 25% (pre GST) of the price paid for all purchases will be donated to the selected cause.
  • Products are easy to order and are delivered directly to the door.
  • The success of fund raising is determined by the level of commitment from the friends and family of each cause, but requires only that your project or cause spreads the word.
  • The FundUs team will report regularly on how many transactions each month are supporting your cause and how much money is being raised.
  • Funds donated are deposited monthly via direct credit into your team or group’s a nominated bank account.

To register your group to fundraise on FundUs, click here.

One of the key drivers for us for online fundraising NZ, was seeing too many funding opportunities being really inefficient, taking up too much parent time, and we think what we have is way better than other online fundraising websites. Let us know what you think. This program is not perfect, and we need to hear your feedback and other fundraising ideas and input, to make this method of fundraising better, and then better again!

Remember to promote your fundraising idea as it applies to a specific cause, rather than general NZ fundraising, you will get much better fundraising uptake and better end results – that’s more fundraising dollars in your pocket.

Community fundraising has never been easier – and even better it assists an environmental model by cutting out the transport middle man – goods at whole sale prices straight to your door. Get into Auckland fundraising or indeed NZ fundraising wide right now.

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