Fundraising Guidlines

Fundraising Guidelines

The FundUs model has been established to support teams and groups wanting to raise funds for one off funding projects or an ongoing avenue of funding.

Support will be offered to groups, teams and in special cases, individuals needing help to raise funds.

The level of funds raised will depend entirely on the number of active supporters each group or team can secure. We can help show you easy ways to grow support from you friends, family and local community.


  1. Applicants must be based in New Zealand.
  2. Applicants must be able to supply proof of registration or identity and must agree to provide suitable documentation that confirms this. Proof of registration, incorporation or identity.
  3. Applicants must make full disclosure in writing outlining their fundraising objectives and give full details on how the funds raised are to be used.
  4. Applicants must make full disclosure in writing outlining who their intended support community will be and agree to discontinue prospecting potential supporters in the event that FundUs is advised of any complaints.
  5. Applicants must supply the contact details of a nominated coordinator and this individual must agree to take responsibility for ensuring the information provided at the time of application remains true and accurate.
  6. FundUs will work hard to accommodate all applicants but reserves the right to decline with sole discretion, applications that are deemed not to preserve the integrity of the fundraising model.