Can the packaging be recycled?

Yes! As with usual household recycling, simply rinse well and put into the Recycling Bin or System. The vast majority of the packaging we use is High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE Type 2) which is readily recycled / re-chipped for use.

Are the products ok with Septic Tanks?

Yes, all products are compatible with the majority of Septic Tank Systems used in NZ. Most products are readily biodegradable and should not un-balance a septic tank, when used as directed. Large amounts of concentrated chlorine (bleach) should never though be discharged directly to septic tanks.

Do I use commercial cleaning products in  the same way as household products?

Generally speaking yes, though with Kemsol products less-is-more as the products are formulated to reduce the amount of water in the product.

What’s the best way to store my 5L containers?

Ideally in a cool, dark environment, out of the reach of children. 5L containers are easily stored in the garage or in the garden shed with other chemicals.

What is the safest way to fill my applicator bottles?

The very safest is to refill from the 5L using a funnel, but with a little practice it is easy and quick to pour directly from the 5L container into the applicator bottle.

How do I know how much product to use?

Every pack has very clearly marked instructions for use.

How many mls do you regard a ‘cup’ to be when expressed on the label?

Approximately 200ml

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